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tiistai 18. tammikuuta 2011

CWD: Great Bazaar

Jan. 18, 1864 Emma Florence Le Conte Furman wrote in her diary

Well, our great bazaar opened last night, and such a jam! I was at the State house helping to arrange the tables until four o'clock so I was thoroughly tired... The tables or booths are tastefully draped with damask and lace curtains, and elaborately decorated with evergreens. To go in there one would scarce believe it was war times. (quote from R. Young's Civil War Diary Quilt book)

I started my CWDQ -note today by searching fabric - I mean fabric, which I can fussy cut.

Could it be this one? It's Jo Morton's... I'm not sure about the collection... I'll try, if I can cut the 2 1/2" x 2 1/2 " squares... neatly...

OK! Here I go again... sewing the next CWD block;)))

Well, it seems, it was... the right fabric for this block!

Perhaps you have already missed Fenix...
and wondered where has he been lately...

Well, he has been busy with my sewing chairs
- both of them -
when he has conquered the other one,
I may sit on the other one;)

Well, anyway... HERE...

Block 67. Great Bazaar

...IS my LAST CWD block in January 2011.
There is only earlier dates left. So I will sew those four blocks in January 2012.
(Wow, sounds very distant!)

After finishing Great Bazaar I planned / scheduled my February blocks.
I wrote to CWDQ -diary:

- sew blocks 68 -76 and 102. It's TEN BLOCKS in FEBRUARY!!! It also means that on the week number 7, I'll sew one block - almost - on each day. HUH! such a jam! So definitely one of the Fixed Stars in February 2011 will be the Civil War Diary Quilt's blocks - here in Quilttales' Corner.

- why I made this kind of decision? Because there is only one block in March, which I haven't yet done... and plenty of undone blocks in February. So there will be almost a block break in March...

THE sewing week with CWD block is beginning 14th February and ending 22nd Feb.
But, please, don't yell at me,
if I can't do them all.

Well, now I'm going to leave and
go to look Elin's newest blocks.

Will you come with me?

4 kommenttia:

Elin kirjoitti...

OMG!! You are so clever! I will concentrate on Bonnie's mystery now, and make a lot of cwd blocks in February! I want to finish this quilt this year...

Cattinka kirjoitti...

The fabric you chose for your newest block is perfect.
Good luck in February, you have big plans to sew so many blocks.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Pffff you have to sew a lot of blocks, good luck with it. CWD is not my thing, but I like to see a the blocks. Especially the stories you tell about the blocks

Karen kirjoitti...

An excellent block and funny Fenix!