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maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010

FOR TODAY April 5, 2010

Outside My Window... morning broked gray, but the sky is becoming more and more clear. A lovely, sunny second Easter Day!

I am thinking... of Leanne. I send to her many supportive thoughts. She is one of my favorite quiltdesigners.

I am thankful for... the most of the things are now delivered to the new lodging. What a relief! Few past weeks have been awful! But there is still some stuff, which I have to clear out and carry to the rubbish dump.

From the kitchen... I'm eating an apple, but for the dinner I'm going to make a chicken in cheesesauce with mandarin slices and noodles.

I am wearing... olivegreen blouse, velvet trousers (lila) and woolsocks.

I am creating... the block 4 of the Girl's Day Out -quilt. I also joined to the Stitch- a- Long -group, which is doing the Gardener's Journal designed by Anni Downs. I started it few years ago. Then I stitched two stitcheries, but lately I made use them of greeting cards. So I'll start again. The first goal is finish the block G in April.

I am going... to arrange some clothes on the shelves and stitch.

I am reading... Doris Lessing's book called On Cats.

I am hoping... more sunny days. Here is still a good deal of snow.

I am hearing... the noise of the Weezel. It's a toy, which Fenix got at Christmas.

Around the house... Fenix is running all over the house. He has... in finnish... HEPULI;) He is little angry with me, because he hasn't yet found HIS spot on this new desk.

One of my favorite things... is crocheting. I found a nice pattern of covering and so far I have crochet few patches... very relaxing. Those new variegated woolgarns - Novita Nalle Kukkaketo - are delicious.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'll have four last workdays ahead at the Ruusutarhat. I'm feeling sad, but life must go on... Maybe I'll go back there someday, but now I want to learn new things about nursering the public gardens.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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