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sunnuntai 25. huhtikuuta 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - week 16

FOR TODAY April 25, 2010

Outside My Window... it's afternoon and it has been a clear blue sky all day. It's amazing after darkish spring!

I am thinking... happiness and the purpose of life. I have been wondering why I'm not happy, although I have a new home, a new job... And I just read a one sad blogposting from Anne Heidi. The life is sometimes so cruel and unfare.

I am thankful for... the experiences, which this life gives... They must have some purpose.

From the kitchen... tomato and sausage baked in oven. A new receipt from the cook-book.

I am wearing... cosy clothes.

I am creating... I have stitched almost every day the stitcheries of block three from Girl's Day Out quilt. Yes, I know, I'm a snail, but it's almost finished! Yesterday evening I joined to this 'group'. When joining I promised to do one hexagon flower each Wednesday. The english paper piecing is quite new to me... I don't know yet how many of them I'll make. Let's see what will happen;)

I am going... to copy and print some hexagons.

I am reading... the gardening books. I must refresh my memory and recall the name of bushes and trees.

I am hoping... more joy... or I don't know...

I am hearing... a classical music from the radio.

Around the house... some noise from the downstairs. A new neighbour is doing the repairs.

One of my favorite things... is snooker. I have never played it, but I'm enthusiast to watch it on TV. There is World Championchips games in Sheffield.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to make first hexagon flower, to stitch block three of GDO (block four already stitched;), to sew one SBS and CWD block??? and begin to stitch block A of Gardener's Journal.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

A greetings from Simone
and few photos from the parks of Kotka -brochure.

2 kommenttia:

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Hi Satu ~ I am sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit down. Could be all those big big changes in your life!
I just joined the hexagon group, as I am planning to make many many of those flowers!
I hope you have a bright week!

Valentina kirjoitti...

Dear Satu, welcome to the garden party!
I am so glad you have joined, and please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it,
It's going to be a beautiful fun journey watching our gardens grow-together!
Valentina in Cyprus