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lauantai 31. lokakuuta 2009

A Challenging Sunday Ahead

This week has been quiet week in my sewing corner...
because I have still little bit flu and on Wednesday I had a terrible headache AGAIN. Then I couldn't do anything than rest in the dark. So I might have migraine....

BUT I have or should I say I HAD atleast two goals for this week:

1. I must sew Hands All Around block (Sylvia's Bridal Sampler)
2. I must sew Feeding the Rebels block on 1st of November (Civil War Diary)

Unfortunately my working day was today so long and hard that I have no chance to finish SBS block tonight. My eyes are sleepy already, and early wakening tomorrow morning too.
So there is challengies enough for Sunday

... and if I'll succeed, we will meet again tomorrow;)))

Ps. I can't show you this month OPAMs yet , because they are Stitcher's Angel projects, but maybe on the next weekend... when Kay has received them...

2 kommenttia:

Robin kirjoitti...

Happy Halloween, Satu! :) Your next SBS block looks to be a stunner. Can't wait to see it all finished up. :)

Meredith kirjoitti...

Take it easy and feel better!