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sunnuntai 25. lokakuuta 2009

Sugar Cane

Before I begin with my story about the next CWD block,
I want to thank Anne Ida for her help hunting the fabric from previous post.

TACK för dej, Anne Ida...

... my SBS quilt will become 'just perfect' now!!
I'm HAPPY;))))

Mary Austin Adelia Wallace wrote in autumn 1862

Oct. 22 - I cut and topped a load of sugar cane and took it to Mr. Watterman's mill. -

Oct. 24 - I came home and loaded the remainder of the sugar cane. I took it to the mill. I got my molasses, over 17 gal. and paid him four dollars for making it. Coming home I stopped to mother Kyes and got two letters dated 13th and 17th from Bruce. -
Oct. 25 - I unloaded my molasses, loaded up seven banks of chess and two bushels of wheat for flour. I went to the union with my grist. -

Mary was 24 years old when she wrote her diary in the autumn 1862 (began in August and continued through December) Her husband Bruce left to fight in the war and she was at home with two children, the one 2 years and the other only 6 months old. So she had a lot of responsibilities. (all quotes from the Civil War Diary Quilt book written by R. Youngs)

The block 110. Sugar Cane was easy one. This time also the picking up the fabrics was easy. In advance I was little suspicious with red fabric. It's always difficult to me to find the right red ones. I don't know why? But this time it was SO easy, because I saw Elin's Sugar cane -block and I have the same red fabric in the stash. So
that will be my red too;))) Unfortunately I don't know the name of the red fabric... but I guess it could be designed by Judie Rothermel??? But Elin might know it...
I cut
from the blue fabric (Itsy Bits by Renee Nanneman)
- 6 2"*2" squares and 4 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares
from the red
- 4 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares
from the white
- 2 2"*2" squares

Then I sewed 8 red and blue quick-pieced triangle-square units pairing the 2 3/4"* 2 3/4" squares together. I usually cut those single squares a little bigger and trim them later - this time I trimmed them to the 2"*2" squares.

If you have followed my tales, I think, you already wonder where's Fenix?
Is it possible to take a photo without him?
Normally it isn't, but today...

...he was quite busy
with the flying flocks of the waxwings.
They are eating the rowan-berries
at the parking area near by us.

So he also let me finish my block in peace...

.. but now he is getting more and more nervous. It's obvious he is requiring me to play with him, because I promised earlier to give him some time, when I get the block ready.

So I must go and play now...

PS. Yesterday evening I started one new and BIG project.

I know!!!!
I have too many (=dozens) of unfinished projects, but this Civil War Bride Quilt fascinates me too much right now.

And I'm supposing...
THE same urging
is familiar to you too sometimes;)))

PS2: If you want to see all my finished CWD blocks, you'll find them here.

4 kommenttia:

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Sorry I cannot find the name of the fabric! But in search of Judie Rothermel I came across a new BOM starting in 2010, January, which tempted me a lot http://www.fatquartershop.com/store/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Shopper_id=897410191056348974&Store_id=499&page_id=23&Item_ID=34115&Parent_Ids=

Litamora's Quilt & Design kirjoitti...

Your blocks are just beautiful! You do such neat work, it's so perfect! I'm so happy for you, that you got help with the fabric. I tried to search the quiltshops I use to visit, but didn't find it. I know I have seen it before, but didn't remember where...
I want to start on my blue/light DJ soon, but I just cannot make up my mind, to use one background fabric or several different... I think both can be great, but if I'm going to use one, I'll have to order so many yards of fabric at once... We'll see:o)
Have a great week,

Robin kirjoitti...

I can understand why the need to do the Civil War Bride Quilt has overtaken you! It is so beautiful. If I didn't already have so much on my plate at the moment, I would be sorely tempted. :) I can't wait to see your first block!

Karen kirjoitti...

Love the block and how great you are starting the CWB quilt. It doesn't matter that you have lots of unfinished projects! Enjoy!