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lauantai 7. marraskuuta 2009

Time to Reveal Sweet Surprises

This morning it felt like Christmas Eve. My eyes were sparkling and heart was beating really hard, when I opened that huge letter from Wendy.

There was all these little parcels in it...
Oh my... I was SO touched...

The eyes filled with tears we (Fenix too) opened those little parcels and we found all these LOVELY gifts!!!! There was needlecase and so soft pincushion with beautiful rose stitchery on both of them. A big bundle of Fat Quarters. A pair of embroidery scissors with so beautiful trinket. A chocolate... nam. A notepad and so useful Quilt Journal to record each quilt's story. There was also that cute embroidered feltpouch with gorgeous bracelet in it. Those gem stones and rocks are just my favorite colours!!!
I don't know how Wendy might knew that I'm a little bit stone freak too;)))
It seems that also Fenix is quite interested in that bracelet. I have to hide it...
And there was two so tiny and cute silvery angels. I'll try to take a better photo of them some day.

Oh, WENDY you really are spoiling us now!!!

I don't know how can I ever thank you enough.
I have also been so happy that we have emailed to each other.
I hope this frienship will continue;)))

After that my own Stitcher's Angel gift to Kay gives a quite modest impression...

... although there is only my own creations in this picture. I put some extra gifts with them...
But these latest weeks with the Stitcher's Angel projects gave me a plenty of happiness and pleasure. And I think it was a worth of participating this swap... also this year ;)

Now it's time to Thank
who organized this all fun for us - again.
And of course all the other talented designers, who gave us so beautiful patterns for free.

so Thank you also

Natalie, May Britt, Tracy, Leonie, Cori and Sue

PS: If I'll have time tomorrow, I'll tell you what happened last Sunday with my goal of finishing two blocks... You may have noticed that I didn't post CWD block on the 1st November.

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Jeanette kirjoitti...

what lovely gifts you have recieved. I see you gorgeous cat is still liking parcels. :). My sill ginger puss thought he needed to sleep on a pattern i put on the floor the other night. Hugs, Jeanette