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lauantai 17. lokakuuta 2009

Temptations from Australia

Let me show you Anni Downs' newest book! I got it from Hatched and Patched last week. And I have been so thrilled... opening it again and again!!!

It's full of temptive projects for boys of all ages.
If you liked her Angel's Story book, this is what you'll love too;)

Today I finally laid it down for a moment or two
and made this week block to my SBS quilt.

Hmm... I'm quite pleased with Grandmother's Fan block...

Have a creative weekend!!!

PS. My Angel Nana has posted some flying goodies to me. I'm waiting...
I haven't yet received the fabrics for my own last Stitcher's Angel project. But I'm not concerned yet; there is some time to the deadline...

4 kommenttia:

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Oh, more lovely SBS blocks! You are doing such a fabulous job on this quilt! I can see why you are pleased with the Grandmother's Fan block, but I love your Odd Fellow's Chain as well :o)

Karen kirjoitti...

Lovely blocks. The fan is beautiful!

Quilter Going Bananas kirjoitti...

I just love the fabrics you've chosen
for your SBS blocks :^)
Could you please tell me how you got the grayed-out small pic of the SBS quilt in your sidebar? And how do you add the completed blocks to the small picture? Thanks!

Robin kirjoitti...

Your blocks are so lovely! The fan block is especially pretty. And what a neat looking book! I'm definitely going to have to take a look at that one!