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keskiviikko 16. huhtikuuta 2014

Pastel shades...

... in my
Austen Family Album!

When I thought of colors that I wanted to use in the AFA blocks... I started by reading thoroughly the color ideas, which Barbara wrote at her blog. You find those color options on the sidebar of Austen Family Album blog... just scroll down... enough;o)

And it didn't take a long time, when I had decided my colors:
Use a distinctly British palette of pastels with chocolate brown. 
Idea #1 attracted me the most... you know me... I am thoroughly a romantic person!

I already see myself lying on the bed, which is covered with the flowers from the 1800's century... 

So I opened the fabric box, which is FULL of flower fabrics...
... and soon I had this finished 12" block - #1 BRIGHT STAR!

Hmmm.... Is it all too romantic?or busy .... even for me?... too many flowers, perhaps?

 Well, I'll wait for the next week and the next block...
(so all this happened a week ago)

This week's block is #2 - SISTER'S CHOICE

who? I'm not sure, perhaps it was Quilt-inspector Fenix? ;o)
... whispered to me, that I would like these blocks to be in different sizes... so I made #2 finished 10".
And you know me... if something bothers me... even only a bit... I'm gonna change "my route"... and do it again!

So here's the new #1- BRIGHT STAR.

 After few calculations... I resized it also down from 12" to 10".
I like this more... but I haven't ripped off the first version of it... yet;o)

There is the Austen Family Album flickr pool HERE, if you like to see and admire the color combinations of the other AFA BOWers!

See You Soon!!!!

4 kommenttia:

Tilkkureppu kirjoitti...

Ihania kukkakankaita, tulee mieleen kauniit vanhat romanttiset puvut ja AFA sisustus. Upeita blokkeja.

quappwurm kirjoitti...

Hi Satu, I love your (second) fabric choice - very "reserved" like real english characters.
See you on flickr

Hannele kirjoitti...

Todella kauniin hillittyjä kankaita kaikki!

Minna kirjoitti...

Kauniita väriyhdistelmiä blokeissasi, Itse en ole vielä aloittanut omia blokkeja, odotan ohjelmaa jolla saan nopsemmin laskettua blokeista vähän pienemmät.