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lauantai 26. lokakuuta 2013

LUS BOW: A-7 Beacon Lights

"Strike while the iron is hot."
... and I strike indeed... as long as my enthusiasm lasts... 

... maybe I was too excited, because the seams of A-7 are a little bit here and there and everywhere, a bit wonky!... But who cares.. just a small error... it won't show, when the all blocks are together...

By the way I have finally - seriously - started to sew SBS blocks together...
I keep blocks in plastic pockets and you know, I need them now for new blocks;o)

... here is first three rows...

Happy Sewing and Knitting Sunday!!!

1 kommentti:

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Yeyeyeyey!!! You are putting together your gorgeous SBS quilt top! Oh, and those first three rows look great! Good thing you need to free up space in those plastic pockets ;-)

Your Beacon Lights block look wonderful!

Take care, and enjoy your Sunday night! Hugs and stitches