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sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012

First Advent

When I today look outside, the landscape is WHITE... 
the grey, dark days are gone... hopefully as long as possible.

 Feels so christmassy!
Aah... I do love the candles in the dark room... and I almost hear the elves snooping behind the corner... 
...hmmm... at least I'm hearing some odd noise...

I wonder what Fenix is doing????

Purr-Oh! I wonder why all nice things must be hang all too high!!!
BUT in some way I'll pur-catch up that ball!
Look, Satu, finally I got it!!!

OMG, I must be happy, that you didn't get that ceiling lamp too...

In the sewing room has been quiet during the last days
partly because of the flu, which I got on Wednesday
and partly because it still continues.

 But this morning I dragged myself there
and did some paper-piecing.
Oh, it took forces...

... now I must do some lighter work...

Fenix, do you remember the small SSCS parcel from Sue
which I promised we will open today...

I see that you are one step ahead of me...
PURR-PURR! Look at these pur-cutest socks!!!
Have you ever seen anything so cute as these are?
Fenix, you really are a sock addict!

And yes, they really are CUTE!!!
Look, there is one more parcel in the other sock ;o)
That's why I'm going to rescue them and put somewhere safer place!
TADAA! They look perfect with our Christmas wall hanging.
Don't you agree?

A mystery of a small parcel will be resolved next Sunday...
until then


2 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

Sorry to hear that you have been ill. I do hope you get better soon. Fenix is keeping you quite busy.

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Ihanat (kesäiset?) värit paper-piecing-blokissasi!