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sunnuntai 16. syyskuuta 2012

BOMholic is Back ;o)

So it happened
that I had to spend some money other things than the fabrics...
It was really odd feeling to live without computer, but at the same time I noticed how much time it spares.
Would it be wiser to do something else than sit front of this new machine?
Is it only a waste of time?
Although I had a good opportunity to sew and do everything else... I didn't do.... not at least much, which would be of worth mentioning.

Jotain valmista joka kuukausi - työni on tässä kuussa syksyinen Kurpitsa -liina. Mallin on suunnitellut Cheryl Gunn. Aloitin sen viime syksynä ja se on ensimmäinen KONEapplikaatio työni. Kyllä, luit ihan oikein ;o) En ole koskaan aikaisemmin tehnyt pykäpistoja koneella.

My project in Jotain valmista joka kuukausi -challenge is Black Bird's Pumpkin Patch -tablerunner. It's designed by Cheryl Gunn. I started it last fall and it's my very first one machine appliqued work. Yes, I really mean it ;o) I have never done the blanket stitches by machine before this quilt.

Maybe I have too many times told you that I'm addicted to BOMs. Specifically the BOMs, which are designed by Anne Sutton and purchased from Fat Quarter Shop. I know it well that they takes much of time... and money too... BUT a new BOM Pumpkinville is starting in this Autumn...

... and I think, that time and money, which is spent, is worth!
I only hope, when I gave this quilt to someone, she or he will realize it too!

Oh, Fenix... it's a photography time... without you... I suppose???

But purr-hei, the roof of this house doesn't have a cat!
Haven't you noticed it, Satu?
You silly, Fenix!

Let's talk about Anne's other BOM then...

It's Merry, Merry Snowmen.
And I adore these French General's fabrics... deliciously elegant, I think.
Am I silly BOMholic now?

Maybe, but this is perfectly fun BOM rehab life ;o)

It's also fun to see what the other rehabbers have done in the past week!

And can you imagine,
it feels quite good to sit at the front of the computer and 'talk' with you!
Oh, am I computerholic too?

for what it's worth... oli miten oli...
WE Wish YOU an EnJOYable WEEK!!!

7 kommenttia:

Theresa kirjoitti...

I am a bit fan of Bunny Hill too - in fact, I'm just taking a break from putting the final stitches into Henrietta Whiskers for this week's Rehab...the Pumpkinville is tempting isn't it? I love your pumpkin table runner, it's gorgeous and your Merry Merry Snowmen are coming along beautifully :)

quappwurm kirjoitti...

Hi Satu, nice to hear you again, I missed you because it's one of my beloved "traditions" to read your posts one time a week (and reading them quiets down my bad conscience ;-)))
Have a nice week - Christiane

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Good for Fenix, to let you know you missed the cat. He really makes me laugh.
And lovely BOMs you are working on. Your hand appliqué is so secure. Beautiful!
I am going to have a look at the new BOM ;o)
Have a lovely creative week with the computer ...

Cattinka kirjoitti...

All the BOMs you work on are great, and I think Fenix approves too.

*karendianne. kirjoitti...

Such pretty work!!! Enjoyable visit. Charming.

Hanne kirjoitti...

Lovely BOMs :-)

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Tervetuloa takaisin! Kauniita töitä, etenkin nuo talot :)