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perjantai 1. tammikuuta 2010


January 1, 1861. Hannah Walton Sanders wrote in her diary
A very severe frost this morning. Everything covered with frost and a snow on the ground that measured two feet. The deepest I ever remembered.

The sun is shining behind the clouds, it's 14.30...
and there is frost outside (about -12 C)

After a short Christmas break we digged sewing equipments up... Yes, Fenix was REALLY excited, when he saw the cutting mat, the fabrics and all the other stuff, which appeared at the table. I admit I was too... because I choosed these fabrics (gray= Paula Barnes' Bonnie Blue Basics, very light lavender= Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Coll. , white prints on white= unknown) a long time ago. And I was anxious to see them pieced together.

I haven't yet decided do I like it or not....?
Is the contrast too slight - between white and lavender?

Is the fussy cut in the middle square too conspicuous?

Oh my... these are silly questions, because the more I look this block the more I like it;)))
So The First Block (29) of the Civil War Diary Quilt in 2010 is finished...
The next will be... 14th 0f January.

My dear - especially CWD -friend
Elin, from Norway
posted me these adorable vintage gifts before Christmas. They are lovely...
... and those toffee sweets are so ...
... ended;)

Tusen Takk, ELIN!
PS. Hopefully see yours soon;)))

7 kommenttia:

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Well done! I have difficulties these days in making anything, as my mother is very ill. Will come back later!

Karen kirjoitti...

An excellent block! And, oh how I love Fenix's sweet face. :)

May Britt kirjoitti...

Your block is so beautiful so let it be like this. I too have this book but have not started making blocks from it yet.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I like the block how it is. Don't change it.

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

A gorgeous first block of the year! Well done!

Lovely pressie from Elin :o)

Linda Sue kirjoitti...

Loving the subtle harmony of your new block. it is gorgeous. Your work is most pleasing!Wishing you a great new year of creative frenzy!

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Satu, I want to start to make these blocks too. Do you make them with templates or by paper piecing? I was thinking of paper piecing but am not sure yet.
Glad you already have so many finished, so I can ask you for advise (O: