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sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010

Firsties... blocks and week 1...

I was planning to write a detailed description of my first week in 2010. But it happened again, I'm now so tired after days at work in this weekend (someone should deny the working in the weekends;)... that I'm hardly able to do it with this collage... before I'll fall asleep... Fenix is sleeping already and right now dreaming... maybe chasing the mouse...

There was some HIGHLIGHTs...

- on Monday I got Helen's newest quiltpattern - Life is Beautiful. Oh, I really want to believe it;-) and I would like to start stitching those lovely phrases SOON. Hmm... where are my red repros???

- on Wednesday I had day off and I started it with some relaxing
stitches on Civil War Bridal block 1 (Yes, I'm still in the first block...), in the evening I sewed my first block for the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler in this year. It was Blazing Star (F9) and I wasn't quite pleased with the result. That's why only tiny photo of it;))

- on Friday I got my first kit of the Anne's Le Jardin -quilt from the FatQuarterShop. Yes, this was exactly a Christmas gift to myself;)

- today I surprised myself finishing one block (F1) of myDearJane. It has been 'ufo' over three months... oh,my! Yes, it's true OVER THREE MONTHS... Somehow I totally lost touch with sewing the DJ blocks last summer. Now I'm only waiting that I'll get the good old inspiration back, unfortunately the start felt quite strange and uncomfortable... Maybe I'll have better mood in the next week...

Happy Stitching to you;))

OPAM 2010 has launched!!!!
AND I'm IN ;)))

3 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The life is beautifull quilt is so beautifull, but I already have so many things to do. Did you already get a pattern from the bagalious?

May Britt kirjoitti...

You got so many beutiful projects going on now. I was thinking of buying Life is beautiful, but it looks like it is only as a BOM. Wanted to use some of my own stash.
And le Jardin quilt is so beautiful, but I have to finish Annes autumn houses before even thinking of buying this BOM.

And with all these projects you will get your inspiration back. Pick one focus project and just start it :)

Robin kirjoitti...

Your DJ block is lovely! The stripes are just gorgeous in this design. I can't wait to watch as you put together your Le Jardin quilt... what a beautiful pattern!