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sunnuntai 22. marraskuuta 2009

Learning Something New

This week I have concentrated to learn something new...

I visited last weekend on the Finnish Craft Skills - exhibition in Tampere. And I couldn't resist this Bernina Aurora 440QE anymore. So it arrived to me on Wednesday... It opened a totally new sewing world to me. My previous Bernina is very simple model of sewing machine compared to Aurora. I'm looking forward those shared moments with it;)) Unfortunately also Fenix is really interested in it... especially the spool is spinning much more nicer!

And what else new in my quilting life...

SBS - BOW of the week number 46 was E-4 Indiana Rose... With it I learned a totally new applique method - back basting. Here you'll find a good tutorial of back basting.

It was so good experience, that I'll use it in following applique projects too. Especially the direction of the pieces is easier than it is with the freezer paper, when you do needle-turn applique. But that's only my opinion... and you have to remember, I'm not a master of applique... not at all...

Next weekend I'm going to learn more new things... Between Friday and Sunday I'll take part in the course, which we'll make a Teddy Bear. A real one from mohair, with the glass eyes, mobile joints, and so on... Exciting!!!!

So don't worry,
if you don't here me for a while...

...probably I'm sewing teddy bear and some Christmas gifts...

4 kommenttia:

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Congratulations on your new Bernina! I've got an Activa 135, and love it, and it looks like yours is well more advanced.

Well done on the SBS blocks! Your Indiana Rose block is gorgeous! I "cheeted" and did raw edge appliqué on that one... I have to try backbasting one of these days ;o)

Have a great Sunday!
Hugs and stitches

Litamora's Quilt & Design kirjoitti...

Congratulations! You realy decerve it! I am dreamin of something like that too, with stitchregulator and stuff. Enjoy getting to know it, and you will definetely enjoy the freemotion quilting with that one:o)

Your blocks is really looking so great! Beautiful!

Have a great and creative week :o)

Paula kirjoitti...

Congratulations on your Bernina. I will get my new Bernina next week, very excited. Looking forward seeing your teddy bear on your blog. You Indiana Rose block is a beauty.

Robin kirjoitti...

Congratulations on your new machine! I have an Aurora 440QE and I LOVE it.

I really need to give the back basting method a try. It looks like it would work so well with those really intricate applique blocks.