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maanantai 27. heinäkuuta 2009

Conscript Law (one day late...)

I know I promised to sew this block yesterday... but, the things just happened:(
OK! I started it, but I had some nice things and some extra troubles in my life yesterday so I found time finish it not until this evening.

...but better today than never;)

Block 3. Conscript Law

So July 26, 1862 Rachel Young King Anderson wrote in her diary:

Another panic is upon us. (if you remember, the earlier panic was the oath of allegiance, July 1st) The conscript law is now in force in Missouri; all able bodied men from 16 to 45 years of age are compelled to enroll their names and drill immediately for Federal service. Mass meetings are being held - women pale & tremble and cry "what shall I dio, what will become of me and my children?" Southern men say, "Must I fight against my friends, my principles, my conscience?" (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt book by R. Youngs)

On my block I used these fabrics: green is Nancy Gere's Civil War IV coll. and the other two (pink and very pale green) are Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Collections.

In August I have planned to sew blocks number 97 and 104.

Hej på dig, Elin, have you time to share this fun with me;)

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Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Very nice! You know I've done this one long time ago, so I can relax some more. I'll try to do the 2 blocks you name for August. I don't know what that month will bring, as I'm going to hospital again.
But this week my husband and I are going to Oslo to be at the Madonna concert, that will be our 2 days of holidays away from home.
Hope you are fine!

AlessandraLace kirjoitti...

WONDERFULL! I love it!!! hugs

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Just wanted to say hi and I stop in to see your blog today kizzy

Anonyymi kirjoitti...


racheybabe kirjoitti...


I really enjoy reading your blog, and have done for some time. I started my CWD quilt on Saturday, and so far I've done Oath of Alligance and Alarming Conditions.

Rachelle x