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perjantai 14. elokuuta 2009

Full Pay

It has been a while since we last met... and

I promised you the next Civil War Diary Quilt block... today... on the 14th of August...

...and as you see I had a good assistant, who helped me to discover how to make the block;)
Actually he is also right now helping me to write this note...

In August 1862 Susie King Taylor wrote in her diary

The first colored troops did not receive any pay for eighteen months - A great many of these men had large families - the government decided to give them half pay, but the men would not accept this. They wanted 'full pay' or nothing. (quotes from R. Young's CWD quilt book)

Block 97. Full Pay

My fabrics are: green is from Renee Nanneman's Itsy Bits collection, red is from Bonnie Blue Basics by Paula Barnes and I still don't know the manufacturer of the cream fabric, but I bought it from Fabric Shack, which is one of my favorite quiltshop in the net.

There is 81 tiny squares (about 1,5 cm x 1,5 cm) in the block. And I decided to cut out of my fabrics about 3,1 cm strips and sew them together. Easy;), but it still took almost three hours to finish it... maybe the one reason why it took so long, was my very helpful mate;) He really enjoyed those colourful strips and we had a good time together...

And I'm glad that you too shared this tale with us!

PS. We (= Fenix and I) have sewed and stitched some other blocks too recently...
I'll try to show more of them soon...
also our postman has been busy lately;)
But now the bed is waiting for me... I have a working day tomorrow :(
Hopefully I'll get a full pay;)))

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