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keskiviikko 3. kesäkuuta 2009

The Noble Third

Oh... It's already 3rd of June... Where on earth is my CWD book?
There it is...
a thin layer of dust on... ;)

June 3, 1861. Rebecca Lorraine Richmond wrote in her diary:

This afternoon took place, at Cantonment Anderson, the ceremony of presenting to the noble third... At four clock PM the procession formed in front of Mills and Clancy's Hall in the following order: Brass Band; carriage containing five young ladies who were to present the flag; carriages containing 20 young girls bearing the Testaments and housewives, The Glee Club, consisting of five gentlemen; the Chaplain and family; then carriages of interested citizens. We all wore--- blue dresses with sashes of red and white confined on the right shoulder by a star. (Quote from R. Youngs' book The Civil War Diary Quilt)

White, red and blue...Hmm... Doesn't fit in my plans!

I had - before I read the note more closer - chosen the fabrics and I decided to use a light cream - pink - gray combination. And I know it might look dull, if you use the same print although different colour... But somehow these fabrics matches fine together... I don't know why??? They are from Bonnie Blue Basics coll. by Paula Barnes (gray&pink) and cream is from Quilt Gate's Mary Rose coll.

And I'm going to continue with gray... next time we will meet in the atmosphere of the Civil War on the 12th of June
(Elin, if you read... it's 84;)

2 kommenttia:

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Very nice as always! I'll make my blocks very soon. Too much work on the D.Janes to be ajour...So yes, there is dust on my book also.

Karen kirjoitti...

Good blocks. I do like your fabric choices!