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tiistai 9. kesäkuuta 2009

Is it Really Over?

It's just unbelievable how quick time flies when you want it come to a stop... .. this time my summerholiday is really ending...
.. but life still goes on;)

NOW back to the past days... What has happened in my world of the quilting?

Last weekend I pieced the next nine blocks of MyDJ together. I hardly manage to sew all three rows together
before 12th of June. I suppose you still remember... Anina is coddling us with a giveaway on that day. But I have completed all the blocks...
I also sewed more new DJ blocks - and if I'm today busy enough and sew one more... It would be an easy one: M12. I have then sewed 100 centerblocks. Again one statistical goal is reached

I almost finished the fifth block of the Butterfly Garden, before Fenix found it a good place take a few hour's nap. It was quite arduous block, many appliqued and embroidered butterflies...

Besides that I decided to continue The Leanne's House with the same fabrics than before... I took very seriously all comments, which I received...

So thank you for your kind support
Simone, Anne Ida and Mai

... and I'm still dreaming of doing it with the other fabrics too;)))

I haven't yet talked about my OPAM goals for June... In this moment I'm planning to work on as many WISPs as possible. There is quite loooong list of them on my sidebar... I think that kind of challenge is large enough... for me... And there is many nice summery projects including all those three quilts designed by Leanne Beasley which I'm making...

So you will see blocks, blocks and more blocks in the near future.... too!
I hope you won't get tired with my quilttales!?!

3 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Congratulations on meeting your goal!

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

100 center blocks, that's very nice! I love your quilttales. Did you tell us why your holidays were that early?
Today I'll work on CWD!

Hanne kirjoitti...

Now I have enjoyed both your blocks and your beautiful cat with my morning tea.
Give the furry beauty an extra belly rub from me :-)