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maanantai 16. helmikuuta 2009

United No Longer

...I promised to sew this block today

Block 112. United No Longer

Feb. 16, 1861. Sarah Lois Wadley wrote in her diary:

Father brought us some newspapers from which we learned that Jeff. Davis of Mississippi and Alexander Stephens of Georgia have been elected President and vice president of the Southern confederacy, formed of all the seceding states. I had almost written the United States, how sad to think that we are united no longer, that we are no more natives of one common country, necessary as is the separation how can we think of it without grief. (quote from the book The Civil War Diary Quilt written by R. Youngs)

Sarah's father returned to Vicksburg as to being present at the meeting. It gave me idea to use this blue fabric in my block. It's from Vicksburg collection by Judie Rothermel. Unfortunately I wasn't careful enough with the middle part's seams... and I should have done this block as mirror image...

... the next block is... the date Feb. 26, 1863

5 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Beautiful block!

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Beautiful as always! You are clever.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Perfectly made!

Gina kirjoitti...

What a fantastic block.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and your cross stitch is divine!
Gina UK/BR

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I love the colors of your CWDQ