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lauantai 7. helmikuuta 2009

Grammar Class

Feb. 7, 1863; 14 years old Cora Owens Hume wrote in her diary:

Every girl in the class is older than I am, except Lizzie... I know my lessons better than any girl in my Grammar class and I never studied English grammar before this session in my life...

She spent her spare time studying lessons for school, writing letters, sewing and practising her music lessons...(quote from the book The Ciwil War Diary Quilt by R. Youngs)

Today I spent my spare time with this block...

Block 52. Grammar Class

I tried to find some fabric with alphabets from my stash, but didn't find any proper for those little squares. So these are what I found: green is from Judie Rothermel's the Merrimack collection, light yellow paisley is one of the Meadowsweet fabrics from Need'l Love collection by Renee Nanneman and cream fabric is from Nancy Gere's Plantation 3 collection.

This time I won't use paper piecing... Lately I have sewn so many blocks with paper, that I'm not sure if I can manage to sew any block without foundation paper... After some measurements I cut 3 cm wide strips which I sewed together until I had nine 2 1/2" squares. When I pieced them together I eagerly grabbed the ruler... is my block 6 1/2"? JESH, it is;))) And my third CWD block was ready!!!!

The next block and diary note is Feb 16... Till then...

3 kommenttia:

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Congratulations again! You are so clever! Tomorrow maybe I'll make a new block. Very interesting the way you do it with the dates. Have a nice weekend. It's Mother's Day in Norway tomorrow.

Karen kirjoitti...

Looks good! Love the fabric.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

This looks very pretty. I love the fabric you used.