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sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2008

Something is Ending, Something is Starting

I have been wondering where my Angel might live? For some reason I think she might not live near me... Overseas, perhaps...?? Has she sent me a clue.... hmmm...

How is she getting on? Has her fingers been as busy as mine has been these last weeks? Has she enjoyed doing her projects?

I have now finished all my Stitchers' Angel works. (Some patterns I'm going to use for my christmas projects too.) So I'm planning to post all goodies in one parcel on next week, maybe on Wednesday. That Sewing Angel on couch will bring them to you, my dear stitching friend... Hope you like them?

It has been delightful and quite productive seven weeks. This was my first this kind of Swap. It was so fun to get new pattern every week, make it for some special person who you know is really able to respect your works. It would be nice to join and experience this fun again...

With REALLY BIG HUG I want to thank you all our wonderful designers:

Helen, Natalie, May Britt, Karen, Lynette, Tracy and Sue.

I learned much and first of all got new friends all over the world. I'm sure I will remember these weeks for the rest of my life.

Am I sounding sad...? Oh no, not at all!!! When something ends, there is always time to start something new...

2 kommenttia:

Erika kirjoitti...

You are amazing! I am still working on finishing them, and all your projects turn so cute. your angel will be very happy!

Lynette Anderson kirjoitti...

Your pile of finished goodies look great, love the colours you have chosen for your new project.