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maanantai 13. lokakuuta 2008

Nice People (=Very Busy Postman?) and Nice Things

It has been quite quiet week after such hectic Stitchers' Angel weeks.

My first stitchery in NPNT is ready. You will find a little story about it here.

I finished that cute block from Lynette's Noah's Ark; Birds and Tortoises. The shields of tortoises are little messy, because I stitched them with two strands. Maybe I should have used only one... Next time I will be wiser;)

Yes, I have a BIG plan to make other Noah's Ark quilt. I heard that one of my nieces is going to have a baby in March. I think these Noah's Ark stitcheries in pastel colours are just perfect for babyquilt. I found that fabric (in photo below) with creatures from Fabric Shack and postman delivered it today. JIPPII!!

If you look the same photo really, really close, you'll see that postman has been very busy indeed. I got today also Lynette's A Kitten tale -patterns...:)))) OH, I have now all kind of NICE THINGS except time.....

So Satu, maybe it's time to change place...

Anyway it's always pleasant to share my time also with you all NICE PEOPLE there!!! See you again;)))

PS. Kävin viikonloppuna katsomassa Heli Laaksosen näytelmää, josta mm. jäi mieleen lausahdus:
"Varma huano on ain paremp ko epävarma hyvä..."

3 kommenttia:

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" kirjoitti...

I havn't heard about A kitten tale, can you believe it? Have I been blind?? Very cute, indeed. I'm glad your postman is busy, mine is also from time to time!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens kirjoitti...

Oh I love your new quilt patterns! Lucky lucky girl!

Stina kirjoitti...

Love your NPNT blocks...sigh...I need time too...when am I going to get myself making them...
And I love Lynettes new BOM...lovely patterns!!Wish you a lot of time!!! ;o)