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torstai 2. lokakuuta 2008

Hooked on Sue's Catcher

I'm hasty now, but I want to show you what I just get finished.
It's already the second Thread Catcher, the last project in Stitchers' Angel Swap, desinged by Sue Daley.

First I hesitated, could I ever manage to do such a cute little catcher. Because I'm not experienced in English Paper Piecing...

But before I even noticed my catcher was at this stage; ready to fold the scallops up. One by one they rised up... and soon I realised I have to do another one and another one... They are so handy as a little gift basket. SO I'M HOOKED!!!

I must admit I'm not the master of herringbone stitches. So don't look them too closely...

Sue was kind and gave us as an extra two stitchery patterns which we could stitch on our catchers. Due to my fabrics choice I stitched roses on my two first ones. I'm sure I will use Sue's desings later. That rose figure is from Tilda's Hus -book. Also leaved out buttons, used instead satin bows...

My two catchers so far; one for everyday use, other one for my cousin's birthday as a giftwrapping.

A blue one is waiting for stitcher... where is she...???

...must hurry back to my sewing corner... and perhaps taste a little bit red wine... A LOOOOONG weekend is coming - three dayoffs.... Keep Stitching Angels!!!

2 kommenttia:

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" kirjoitti...

So nice! And how clever you are with the Dear Janes!!! I'm some blocks behind now...Today I've prepped my first Angel block, Charlotte the Shopper....that suits me well!

Lynette Anderson kirjoitti...

Your stitch catchers look fantastic, I think I should make myself one of those as I am very messy with my threads.