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lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

Stars, oh Stars...

this tale may cause symptoms of addiction, especially to quilters, who are sensitive to stars.

I do not know what's wrong with me, but recently I have felt that I can see the stars all over the place wherever I am or where I'm going.  I do not mean by this that I had crashes on slippery winter road...

... but the stars have taken over my quilting hours!

Here's the latest Oh, My Stars: the first Nested Star and four Basic Sawtooth Stars more.
Grit has sewn some stars with the dark background fabric. Hmm... her stars look so fascinating that I'm gonna try that idea. And I'll sew few Nested Stars more.

Here's all the stars together. 
When I look that picture, I almost feel the moist grass under my feet. I don't know, why that occurred to me...

I think now is following the most addictive part of this tale... so if you feel any unsure of yourself, I recommend that you close your eyes and skip over few of the next photo.

At Grit's blog I saw an awesome Sternenquilt. It looks so tempting, that I had to do a one single star.

... dadda-daddaa...

...and the other one!

I'm using 1" hexagons and I found here a suitable tumbling block pattern for the star. I got one charm pack of Kissing Booth fabrics and I got the idea to make a romantic Star wall hanging... which probably will be finished in 20...

But hei,
there must always be dreams, even if they don't take place!!! Don't you agree?

I warned you this star mania is a highly contagious ;o) Look what happened to Fenix!

Ok, you may relax now. And I'm sure you are more resistant to this kind of temptations than we are!

And it was really a fun coincidence, because 2012 Designer Mystery block in January is also one kind of basic sawtooth star... yes a STAR ;o)

It's called 'Lime Sherbet'.
Hmm... I'm feeling a hot summer sun on my face and cool sherbet in my mouth... although there is now freezing outside. Ok, back to the real world...

... when I was cleaning last week I found STAR blocks ;o)

Do you remember these Summer stars in autumn colours, which I sewed last summer. When I found them, I couldn't resist temptation to see what they look like together with this pink sashing fabric. Guess, what I almost taste strawberry-vanilla-chocolate ice cream...

Ok! I stop teasing you with the stars... and with other silly tales...
... but if you someday decide sew some stars ;o)

to this collage I picked up some useful tricks to reduce bulkiness in your star blocks.

I think that now it's time to continue Pumpkinville.

And look there is a st... I mean... a cat sitting on the roof!
It looks a lot like Fenix...


Yön tullen
minä seison portailla kuuntelemassa,
tähdet parveilevat puutarhassa
ja minä seison pimeässä.
Kuule, tähti putosi helähtäen!
Älä astu ruohikolle paljain jaloin:
puutarhani on sirpaleita täynnä.

- Edith Södergran -

Wishing you a creative week!!!

the bad poem translation is assisted by google:


Night becoming
I'm standing on the steps listening to,
the stars are flocking to the garden
and I'm standing in the dark.
Listen, the star fell and jingle!
Do not step on the grass barefoot:
the garden is full of shrapnel.

- Edith Södergran -

7 kommenttia:

Tilkkureppu kirjoitti...

Tähdet ovat kauniita ja tässä olevat vielä siksikin, että ovat käsintehtyjä,kiva tuo missä on tähti ja hexagoneja ympärillä! Näihin voi kyllä jäädä koukkuun, niin kaikenlaisia variaatioita tähdistä saa tehtyä! Täytyy kokeilla tuota neljän palan yhdistämisessä olevaa saumanvarojen kääntämistä nurjallapuolella seuraavassa työssä.

Grit kirjoitti...

Wow, so many stars. Fantastic! They all looks so great.
And I saw your hexagonsars. I`m so , so happy you tried it. I´m looking forward to see more.
And your summerstarquilt with the little pink looks fantastic.
Great progress on pumpkinville, it`s coming along beautiful.

Sorry for my english.

Liebe Grüße Grit

knitandpatch kirjoitti...

I really love your fabric choice for your Oh my Stars quilt! Can´t wait to see more.

Cattinka kirjoitti...

I see 2013 will become the year of the stars.
All your star projects are so nice!

Anne-Mettes Oaser kirjoitti...

Your starblocks are all so beautiful. They really make me want to do some star blocks and I think, I would have to start with the stars using hexagon and tumbling blocks.
Have a great sunday :-).

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Hurmaavia tähtösiä! Minusta tuo valkoinen tausta sopii vihreän kanssa. Kokonaisuus on raikas ja kesäinen. Vaaleanpunainen kaitale toimii taas ruskeiden tähtösten kanssa hienosti.

Karen kirjoitti...

Star light, star bright, Satu's your stars look beautiful tonight!