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sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

A Scrappy Week

As I told you last time, I AM extremely sensitive to everything, which might include Q -addictive elements. I suppose that you also have recently seen one or two blog post, which is told about Scrappy Trip Around World blocks.

I couldn't resist anymore... not after, when I saw some of those blocks at Anne Heidi and Christine and Sherri.

First I tried the colors that remind me of... pomegranate (?), then I wanted to try some lime colors... Hmm, fascinating! If I ever sew some blocks more, the quilt will be named as Bites of Exotic Fruits! That sounds very delicious... and looks too;o)

My squares are 1 1/2", so the finished block size is then 8 1/2 ".

Heartily I recommend that you take a scrappy trip around the world. Bonnie's tutorial is a good place to start it ;o)

The other scrappy block, which has fascinated me, is Granny Square. Lori hosted the Great Granny Along last summer. I simply didn't find time then, but last week I had an opportunity to create couple of granny blocks.
My mother needed a gift for her friend... and what else would be better or more useful gift than a pair of the pot holders ;o)

My star collection grew with three stars,

which are on the right above. There is one 'nested' Ohio Star (12") and two Nested Star (8" & 4") 

I'm not sure yet, am I going to sew more stars with green background.

Hmm.. maybe few more...

Fenix is busy, when he is controlling that all the pieces of background for the Pumpkinville blocks four and five are sewn in a correct order.

The blocks 1-3 are finished ;o)

My photos are quite blurry this week, sorry... maybe clearer shots in the next time...

...until then
HAPPY Scrappy Stitching WEEK!!!

7 kommenttia:

Dee kirjoitti...

I like your star blocks, especially the green ones. I'm also loving how our Pumpkinville quilt is coming along. Fenix seems to be a great helper!

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Ihania juttuja postauksesi pullollaan. Pikkuneliöistä tehdyt blokit ovat sööttejä ja nurjakin puoli on ihan viimosen päälle. Tähtesi ovat niin houkuttelevan näköisiä, että taitaa olla viisasta laittaa tähtipaja tännekin pystyyn.

Grit kirjoitti...

Fantastic work. So many stars and they are so beautiful.
And your pumpkinville looks so lovely.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Utili kirjoitti...

Super schön Deine Sterne und Dein Scrap-Projekt gefällt mir auch sehr gut.

Liebe Grüße

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Oh, I love your pumpkinville!

Cattinka kirjoitti...

It is nice to see that you have been sooo productive. I like your new scrappy project, the stars look good, and the pumpkin quilt is coming along well also!

Tiinatei kirjoitti...

Käypä kurkkaamassa blogiani, siellä on sinulle jotain.