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maanantai 2. huhtikuuta 2012

BibeloT Story AND Jotain valmista joka kuukausi HuHtiKuu

I know I should have written this story yesterday, because it was the first day of April and the parades
at Sinta Renee and at Sherri are going on...
but better now than never?

 Bibelot story continued on last Friday...
Do you believe, how wonderful it felt to sit next to dearB. and start to sew ;o) after few weeks break!!!
First I added the inner white borders and then sewed the Hunky Dory rectangulars together...
and when I began to sew THEM to the borders... I met some problems!!!!
KÄÄÄÄK!!!! They were TOO long!
(Am I little rusty?)

 What shall I do now? Shall I add one more 'inner' border or...

 I did a decision and sewed green spotty border.
But after that Fenix was already too eager to decide the places for the butterflies!

 See... how focused he is!!!

 After a while he pointed to a new location...
but this time I wasn't sure of his opinion.

Because I didn't want to break the T -blocks too much...
 ... I appliqued only two butterflies to the corner.
Bibelot is now waiting for the batting and quilting... and I'll continue with it ASAP ;O)

Finally, a quick rewiev of...

Jotain valmista joka kuukausi projektini huhtikuussa on
Leanne Beasleyn Butterfly Garden.

In April I'm gonna finish Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden.
I started it as a BOM (ordered it from Honeysuckle Gottage) in spring 2008. I did five blocks more or less in time, but then it slowed down...
Last year I got some boost from Hanne and May-Britt. They had a goal to finish it before summer 2011. They managed, but I didn't :o/
I stitched all blocks, except the last one!!! Can you believe THAT?

Joten alkutilanne huhtikuulle on:
yhdeksästä blokista 8 valmiina, yhdeksännen miniblokit ommeltu yhteen, muttei vielä applikoitu eikä kirjottu.
Huh, vuoden ensimmäisiin haasteisiini verrattuna kovin haaste edessä ;o)
mutta haluaisin sen toukokuun alkuun valmiiksi!
Peukut pystyyn, tytöt, että onnistun!!!

Hauskaa pääsiäisviikon alkua kaikille!!!!
Happy week to you!!!

PS. Did you remember Zakka Style Sew along started today?

7 kommenttia:

Karen kirjoitti...

Fenix helped you solve the problem and it turned out lovely!

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Oh butterfly quilts today! The T quilt top looks great, a good choice to make the green sashing.
And pleast continue to work on the butterfly garden. I like this quilt a lot and it will be so pretty!

Paula kirjoitti...

BibeloT on todella kaunis, ihanat sävyt!

Jen kirjoitti...

Hi! Satu , I think by adding the green sashing has made the T quilt top beautiful plus the border. The butterflies are placed great in the big T.

bevbsews@gmail.com kirjoitti...

Hello Satu, Your quilt as always looks lovely. It was great to read that you are again able to sew. Best wishes for your speedy recovery.

Marle kirjoitti...

Aivan ihana, samoin tuo sinun kissa. Hän tuntuu olevan aikamoinen tilkkuilun ammattilainen ;)

Marle kirjoitti...

Aivan ihana, samoin tuo sinun kissa. Hän tuntuu olevan aikamoinen tilkkuilun ammattilainen ;)