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keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

A New Pincushion - Cathedral Window

Maybe you have already sewed your own version of this...

 ... Cathedral Window pincushion!
If you are not...
you'll find tutorials at Moda Bake Shop or here
More lovely pincushions you'll find here at flickr.

 Ages ago I did my first cathedral window pincushion (blue one). It looks little bit different and it's smaller than a new one, which is about 4" x 4" finished.

I sewed the pincushion of the same Hunky dory fabrics as Bibelot.
So far I have made (only) eight blocks for it. There is 7 x 7 blocks in the pattern. But I know, that I'll make (again) slightly different (atleast smaller) kind of Bibelot. So I ventured to use few charms for the Cathedral Window.
I'm planning to continue Bibelot on Friday Night Sew-in.
Shall you join us?

till Saturday ;o)

3 kommenttia:

Ingeborg´s Lotta kirjoitti...

Den nåldynan var fin!! Jättesöt :)

Yvonne W kirjoitti...

Hi Satu,
I love the cathedral window pincushion-- it is just glorious--- I have not seen one of them before and will definitely try and make one for myself-- and if succesful, can make more for gifts as well. Thanks for the link for the tutorial.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Loveb your pin cushions. And pretty blocks. Still have to start mine.