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tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2012

Insert Snappy Title Here...

AYOS (Another Year of Schnibbles) continued with Carrie's pattern, ISTH or i.s.t.h.

If you remember, at first I was skeptical of the color combination - blue and red.
Then I sewed first block - or in fact - found matching and pleasing fabrics for it. So I decided: I really need a new Christmas tablerunner for my table! If it'll be a nice one, then I'll use this pattern again and sew the other tablerunner for the present.

 After sewing four stars I was pleased with the length... but then began 'the problems'.
What about the borders?
Shall I make the checkerboards as in the original pattern or shall I borrow the idea, which I saw at Sinta Renee?
Shall I use the stripe fabric or not?

While I was thinking of those hard questions... it was better do something else!

The second OPAM - finished ;o) And matches nicely with my mother's blouse!

The knitting 'cleaned up' my head. I made decisions :-)

... and before I realised the whole tablerunner was finished!
PURTAP-purrTAP, well-done!!!
I'm pleased and not skeptical anymore... blue and red are spectacular together - atleast with brown ;o)

The end... a photo mystery...

Where is the cat?
We'll be back soon...

9 kommenttia:

Irma kirjoitti...

Kaitaliina on kovin kaunis:)
Kissa on hyvässä "tallessa" sohvan ja kauniin tilkkutyön takana:)

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Your Schnibbles turned out very pretty!!!
And what a lovely scarf.
Well, you know who quilt your stitchery quilt belongs too!

quappwurm kirjoitti...

Hi Satu, your tablerunner is spectacular, I'm dreaming on of having time to sew the schnibbles ... but I love to see the fantastic results of the participants every month!
Best wishes

Hannele kirjoitti...

Kaitaliinasta tuli kaunis, tuota reunavaihtoehtoa olisin ehdottanutkin... Kaunis on myös työ, jonka alla kissa piilottelee :)

Bird on the Border kirjoitti...

Satu the scarf is lovely , they are very popular here in Australia as well.Love the runner beautiful colours.

Tilkkureppu kirjoitti...

Liina on kaunis!

Dee kirjoitti...

Your cat is adorable and your table runner is beautiful. I like the shades of red and blue you used for the stars. I'm also impressed you already quilted it!

Dolores kirjoitti...

The colours sparkle. Great finish.

~Marica~ kirjoitti...

You have done wonderful projects and your Schnibbles looks fantastic..