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maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2011

Don't Ask WHAT I'm Doing...

... because I don't even know myself;)

All I know is that I have been lazy student... UPS!
... and it's late, 
I should be already in bed... second UPS! 
early wakening tomorrow...
 BUT I want to show you something which is caused by listening music of ABBA
It feels like... 70's again...
especially when I found those old fabrics (little flowers, blue and candy pink) from my stash.
Yesterday evening I visited at Sherri and at Sinta 
... knowing that there is FREE CHOICE in September for Le Petit project
AND Carrie has published 6 new pattern of Schnibbles;))

SUMMER DAY looks most interesting!

... so I started to piece some flying geese
with two different method...
The woollen ribbon is one of the school projects...

I also sewed BOW for SBS - E-8 Lincoln's Platform
Only ten blocks left;)))

... although I don't know what I'm doing..

... Fenix does! Atleast he's pretending to know... :o)
He's measuring the size and cosiness of 'Mystery' -tablerunner, which is almost done. Only the handstitches of the binding is missing...

Now I must go to sleep...
5 1/2 hours dreaming and then back to the school... dyeing yarns with plants...

Happy that you stayed with us;)

2 kommenttia:

jen kirjoitti...

Hello Satu, I love the prints you used from your Abba inspirations A pretty pink flower and the paw print fabric look lovely sewn in the flying geeses. Now you better have some early nights!! haha

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

How big is Fenix ???