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lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

Someone, please, lock the door...

of the sewing room;)
because I can't stay out of there!
Today I should have done the folder of one course and crochet hexagons...
but instead I found myself sewing more blocks!

 Today I "finally" sewed these two 1800's Sampler blocks. Those tiny pieces have been on the edge of the shelf two months. I think it's quite reasonable to piece them together before they'll vanish... (Ok, I admit that's very poor pretext to avoid doing homeworks... also being at the computer and write - are too pretexts. Shame on me...)

Now I have 17 blocks. They are 5 1/2", but sewing them is easy with Cheryl's instructions

Then I sewed one more row for Honeycomb - Le Petit project in this month -

But what happened? It's wonky as...

Ok... this must be a sign... You must do something else today, Satu!

Well,... where are the all sample pieces for the folder? Let's do it then...

Are they in this box?
No, they are not... BUT there is interesting, small fabric pieces;)))

Maybe I just take few and sew together...

Oj... this is FUN!

 ...so relaxing... while waiting Sunday!!!!

Or did I forget something :o)
Relaxing Sunday
   to you all!!!

PS. Kiitos varaosaliike vinkistä;) Mutta BerninaSporttini ehti jo lähteä maahantuojan museoon... eli ehkä varaosiksi... Toivottavasti B. Aurora on yhtä kestävä...

5 kommenttia:

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Beautiful projects you are working on. Happy Sunday to you too!

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Your blocks are lovely! Sometimes we do make excuses and do things when we really are supposed to do something else ;-) My family used to love it when I was in school and had heaps of homework, because they were guaranteed something freshly baked in the kitchen *lol* As long as we don't hurt anybody by having "pretext projects" I think we're fine ;-)

Karen kirjoitti...

Yes, beautiful projects! I love the fabric for your Honeycomb quilt.

Litamora's Quilt & Design kirjoitti...

Your blocks look just so great! I have to admit I want to make a lot of blocks too, and hope to soon... Just got to finish one "secret project" first. bought several yards of white fabric today, so maybe I will get on with my DJ... who knows ;o)
wish you a great and creative week :o)

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Great job on your blocks! Now you should be ready for other endeavors.