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sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2011

Short Vacation... and WIRSPs

... while Fenix is relaxing on the windowsill
I'll tell you my one day-off ...

I did a trip around surrounding areas with my mom last Thursday. 
Mainly we drove along the narrow and winding roads through the finnish countryside. We stopped for the lunch in Ruotsinpyhtää. There is beautiful old buildings in where the local artisans are selling their products.
 And we ended our trip at my brother's place in Loviisa. He has horses, dogs and cats; such an animal lover;)
  here's the 'souvenirs' 

new Novita yarn called 'Noki'
small pillow filled with grains...
(It's good when you have aching shoulder or neck. Then you can heat or freeze it and put on the aching spot.)
and a beach ball for Fenix

 I haven't still found my sewing mojo... 
although it's cooler and I have some day-offs. 
A sad thing... but I'm positive... it'll come back on some day...
and then I'll sew blocks, blocks and blocks;)

On Friday / Saturday I spent time with these Works in Really Slow Pace...
tiny cross-stitches for the Lily of the Valley Fairy
hexagons for two quilts
appliqued pieces for the Night before Christmas


after few hours cross-stitching... 
 Is there any visible progress? Oh... and my neck is really stiff already...
I think I'm gonna freeze the grainpillow... taste some rose wine... and relax at the sunny balcony..
Wake up now Fenix!!!!

Sunday Greetings ;)
from here to all of you there...

5 kommenttia:

PrettyMade kirjoitti...

VAU!! Luulin maisemavalokuvien olevan jostakin ulkomailta!!! :)
Ihana lomapäivä varmasti!

Teje kirjoitti...

Hei Satu! Ompelu apulaisesi ylakuvassa nayttaa todella ammattilaiselta! Ihania kesakuvia Suomesta! Olen Kouvolasta mutta asunut jo pitkaan Kreetalla. Tuo Novitan uusi Noki lanka nayttaa tosi houkuttelevalta!
Terveisin Teje

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

What a lovely day to spend with your mother! And such fun souvenirs (o:
Well, with such tiny stitches, I can imagine you only get a little done. I can certainly see the progress!
Is Fenix' vacation ended yet? He looks so comfortable.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Sometimes you have to do other things then sewing. Beuatiful pitcures of your day out with your Mom

El bichillo kirjoitti...

Me he enamorado de Fenix, es guapísimo.