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maanantai 27. joulukuuta 2010


... I have waited this day...
when I can show you Secret Santa Claus projects...

But before that
I want to
thank you - Chookyblue,
that she accepted me to join in this wonderful Swap.
I surely want to be in next year too;)
Pop in her blog! There is lot of beautiful Christmas ornaments...

I got my present from Kerry

... inside it was...
a beautiful file cover with pretty stitching,
pink scissors with tag of buttons
AND yes;)
Kerry's second book
Dreaming of a white Christmas
with signature;)
One more time
I really hope your wishes will come true someday!!!

I posted a present to Kris

Maybe you still remember shopping teddies,
Popcorn and Blueberry.
They have now found a new nice home at Kris.
And I'm happy for that, because I know Kris is just right person to look after them!
(although I miss them... sniff...)
Kris told on her blog about her kitchen and it's new colours. I got the idea to use red fabrics in her mug rug. I also posted piece of green and red mini-poppy fabrics by Marimekko to her... maybe she will someday sew new potholders;)

More Joy of Christmas...

These pretty things I got from Simone.
The colours, which she choosed are just so yummy... my favorites!
I love them!
And those cute hedgehogs are placed on the noteboard (a place of honour) in my kitchen. There I see them, feel happiness, remember Simone and her kindness every day.
Thank YOU, Simone!!!

One more Christmassy thing...

'Tis the Season' by Natalie Bird
is a cute little booklet, which I bought to myself for Christmas...
It will be next SAL -project hosted by Chookyblue,
starting in March 2011,
after we have finished Gardener's Journal.
Those stitcheries are SO temptive and I wanted to make one immediately.
That one I posted for Simone.
I'm already searching fabrics and threads for it.
This evening I'm going to test
Atalie's hand-dyed thread 'Noel'. I got them today from Violarium.

OH, Happy smile on my face;)
I'll stay waiting for

a NEW YEAR 2011
in quilting world!!!

6 kommenttia:

Cheryl kirjoitti...

Lots of fun gifts and projects! Have fun.

Chookyblue...... kirjoitti...

beautiful gifts from Kerry..........I actually have a kit for the runner in the book so must get that done.......
and I want to make the quilt too.....and you have got to make the date slice.......

Chookyblue...... kirjoitti...

oh and thanks heaps for being part of the SSCS 2010......no pressure to run 2011...lol

love the you made for Simone and also what she sent to you........

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Lovely SSCS presents for you, Satu from Kerry!
I am glad you liked the hedge hogs. They made me smile (o:
And I love the project you are going to start. I am proud that I received a first block! It is so sweet. I look forward to see the thread you are going to use!

Grethe kirjoitti...

Love to follow your blog,Satu. And you really show so many great gifts and projects just now.
Might see next year doing the Santa quilt. Saw you SS to Simone earlier,great!
Happy New Year 2011.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies kirjoitti...

Hey Satu! I LOVED my SSCS gift from you and I will take VERY good care of Popcorn and Blueberry! :0) I've earmarked the red and green poppy fabric for new potholders, but that might be a little way down my VERY LONG "to do" list ... I know you understand! :0) Wishing you a wonderful year in 2011 ... it's already here in Australia and so far, it's looking pretty good! Big Bear Hugs - KRIS!