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lauantai 25. joulukuuta 2010

CWD: Battle of Fredericksburg

Special Christmas Greetings to Elin!

on Christmas Day in 1862, Rebecca Lorraine Richmond wrote in her diary

Such a strange Christmas I never experienced. The reports concerning the battle of Fredericksburg grow more and more distressing. It was a terrible disaster with no redeeming feature. (quote from Civil War Diary Quilt book by R. Youngs)

This was a bit strange Christmas Day to me also - I woke up early and after breakfast spent few hours in the sewing room paperpiecing next CWD block - before Christmas dinner at my mother. I had to, because I still want to sew CWD blocks on the same date, when the notes are written.

91. Battle of Fredericksburg

I used one white prints on white fabric and two reproduction fabrics by Jo Morton.

This was also my last CWD block in this year. When I read my own notes of CWD, I realise I have sewn ONLY 19 blocks in this year. It's not many. So should I sew more in 2011???? I have now sewn 54 of 121... You find all my finished CWD blocks here.

There is quite many blocks left and this morning I made some plans for the future. I'll set unofficial goal for year 2011! Which is about 36 blocks to the end of the next year! It doesn't sound much either, but I have so MANY other project - old and I'm absolutely SURE new ones - that the goal might be too optimistic. And besides I don't know, how much time, I'll have for quilting or other hobbies in 2011... it all depends... shall I be at work or not...

Elin, you suggested one block in a week. It might be a hard schedule for me and due to the dates in a book... quite impossible to fulfill in some of the months... but shall we try? Four blocks in January? I planned that my four blocks are 87, 6 (they are both blocks with notes first of January... I'm gonna 'cheat' a little and sew atleast other one before New Year's Day...there is still one left for year 2012), 66 and 67.

So 'full' speed ahead...;)

Blocks 92, 93 and 96 with block nro 91.

PS. Tomorrow or on Monday, I'll show you my SSCS goodies - posted and received!
I'm thrilled...
THANK YOU, Kerry!!!
And Simone for your sweet presents, KIITOS!!!

5 kommenttia:

Jane in Wales kirjoitti...

What a nice idea to make the block on the date the note was written. I hope you reach your goal next year of 36. But does it really matter how long it takes? As long as you enjoy making the blocks.

Elin kirjoitti...

Thank you, Satu, I hope we'll manage this plan! Have a nice Christmas!

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

You made a very special Christmas post, Satu!
And as always, your block is beautiful.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Satu meant to send you a xmas greeting but time got away as usual! I still think of you when I look at the gifts that you sent me how lucky was i. hope you had a nice xmas.love and friendship Judy (australia)

quiltygal kirjoitti...

Love the colours of your Civil War blocks ...it is a book I am looking at doing but it does seem a lot of hard work :)