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keskiviikko 15. syyskuuta 2010

Happened in Satu's Flower Garden This Evening

"I don't like paparazzies!

Purrr.... Please, leave and
let me continue
my nap
on this cosy
ironing board!"

"Ok! Then I'll take a photo of these flowers and frosty flakes."

"No way! Not without me!
May I touch that flower -
a little bit - while you are taking a photo?"

Dear Fenix,

you are hopeless;)))
and sweet...

11 kommenttia:

TilkkuSatu kirjoitti...

Meillä on kans Laku tosi kiinnostunut kankaista yms. varsinkin vanun levittäminen lattialle innostaa sen oikein villiksi ;)Ja tommonen hexagon-peitto mulla on ollu aloitettuna sillon kun viimeksi suomessa alkoi Idols...

Birdie kirjoitti...

Maybe your cat is not impressed but I am, very nice.

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Hi Satu,
you have a beautiful and smart cat, she knows the best places to be.

GRANNY'S HOUSE kirjoitti...

What a lovely flowers and I love the cat to.


Dolores kirjoitti...

How is it that cats always seem to be in the middle of what you are doing? Wonderful hexagons.

Raewyn kirjoitti...

Lovely hexie flowers and frosty flakes...and your cat seems like a faithful character too!

Karen kirjoitti...

So bad, but so cute! And, lovely flowers too!

Melody kirjoitti...

Fenix is a sweetie pie. Your hexies are lovely too.

Christine kirjoitti...

He is a very handsome cat .. reminds me of my Mum's cat Sam. Love your flowers and flakes ... very pretty.

merumo kirjoitti...

Yummy flowers!!! Happy gardening!

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Love the flowers for your garden, and wow, love the fabrics you used for your frosty flakes. What a great idea!