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keskiviikko 1. syyskuuta 2010

1st of September... updating GDO

Is this a door to the secret garden?

In this time,
it's lucky, it's not that door
- when I'm thinking of me -

That is...
the door to the teddies and dolls -shop,
which is the seventh block of the Girl's day out - quilt.

I focused - hard - in this week
and managed to finish it;) - although I believed I can't do it.
Well, some miracles might happen...

So all my goals of this month
are fulfilled;)))

Because the sixth block of the Butterfly Garden -quilt
is finished too!

Now I'm ready to meet the goals of September!


PS. A part of me is STILL in heaven after U2, because of that I have been lazy blogger recently... but I'm landing... piece by piece;)))

9 kommenttia:

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Very well done, I am really proud of you.
I didn´t make a block for GDO in August, but I promise to catch up this month.

May Britt kirjoitti...

Just 3 blocks left to sew on BG now. You will soon have this quilt finished too :)

Karen kirjoitti...

Butterfly Garden is so pretty!

Dolores kirjoitti...

Great finishes. I saw that you won a pattern - Gail Pan blog. Congratulations.

Chrissie kirjoitti...

Beau ti ful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the fine stitches, great job.
Hugs Chrissie

Hanne kirjoitti...

Lovely blocks Satu :-)
You will also be done with your Butterfly Garden before you know it!

I have dug out 2 other BOMs, so even if I am not with you in project, I will be with you in spirit :-)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Woah all your goals are finished this month. Well done. I didn't make it :o(

Giusy kirjoitti...

wow, I love your blog. everything is beautiful !

Christine kirjoitti...

Beautiful blocks. Those teddy buttons are gorgeous.