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lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010

FOR TODAY May 29, 2010

Outside My Window... very green!!!! (Look at the photo below). Also the sun was shining in the morning, but now when I was planning to go to the balcony with GDO stitchery, it's beginning to rain:( My Luck!

I am thinking... my new working mates. They are now spending some time together on the one small island. I thought to join too, but I didn't have time. I hope they have a good time... and not too much water there... Am I lucky to be inside this afternoon?;)

I am thankful for... my freedom.

From the kitchen... it's almost summer, so I'll cook some sausages (=finnish summerfood) tonight. Because I have no grillroom, I'll make them in the oven.

I am wearing... striped blouse in autumn colours and velvet trousers.

I am creating... today I sewed one more SBS block. (You'll find it on the photo below) and noticed that after two more blocks I'm in the half way of finished the SBS blocks. It feels amazing!

I am going... to watch the Eurovision Song Contest from Norway. Although our own singers are not in the final. GREETINGS to ELIN!

I am reading... nothing at this moment... It's long time since I read a real book... maybe I have to start one...

I am hoping... that I'll learn - as much as possible - as soon as possible - in my new job.

I am hearing... a finnish artist J. Karjalainen. He is singing in the radio a song called HÄN. (in english She). Now there is JonBonJovi starting to sing It's My Life!!! So I'm listening very good music;) Don't you agree?

Around the house... the washing machine is doing 'his' work;) And Fenix is somewhere hiding. He doesn't like our new machine... at all!

One of my favorite things... a good, relaxing music! My taste of music is very diversified, maybe you have noticed...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: two days for finish the block five of the GDO...

Girls, I already know that I can't finish it on time... SORRY!

So it would be better not to plan anything for this week;) I just do what makes me feel happy...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Isn't it GREEN!
The rowan is starting to bloom...

Oh, and the sun is shining again;)
Fenix, where are you? Do you come with me ? Let's go to the balcony!

3 kommenttia:

Kerstin kirjoitti...

you have a wonderful blog!

viele Grüße

Meredith kirjoitti...

Half way! That is great. I like reading your day books. The freedom touched my heart.I am not reading anything either unless you count the quilt books before bed.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

It's so nice to read what you are doing. And next month you will have finished the block, you still have 7 months to go befor the challenge stops, enough time I THINK!?