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lauantai 1. toukokuuta 2010

CWD: Taking Charge of the School

In April, 1862 Susie King Taylor wrote in her diary

After I had been on St. Simon's about three days, Commodore Golds-borough heard of me, and came to Gaston Bluff to see me. --- he was pleased to hear of my being so capable, etc., and wished me to take charge of the school for the children on the island. I told him I would gladly do so, if I could have some books. He said I should have them, --- I had about forty children to teach, beside the number of adults who came to me nights, all of them so eager to learn to read, --- (quote from CWD quilt book written by R. Youngs)

Today 1st of May I wrote to my CWD journal...
First of all... excuse me, but
may I say some ugly words???

Damn, damn, ... DAMN!!!

The finished Block 96. is too large! It should have been 6 1/2 ", but IT IS 6 3/4".
I have measured the squares wrong. They are about 1/16" too big. It's not much, but enough! I should have used the foundation piecing... And it took me about three hours to finish it. Krrr.. This is SO frustrating!
After this I do fancy those tiny squares more less...
But there is one positive thing in this block, I do like those fabrics;)
which are
white - I don't know the manufacturer
light lavender - A Kansas City Star coll. by B. Brackman
blue - Yorktown (?) by J. Morton
cream - Mary Rose coll. from Quilt Gate

Well, it's obvious I have to redo this someday,
but now I forget it and leave to stitch some Gardener's Journal stitchings while watching the snooker. There is two of my favorite player in 1/2 final; Neil Robertson and Mark Selby. I really hope, they will play in the final;)))

Hopefully I'll have better sewing day tomorrow...

See you soon;)

PS. Elin. Have you already sewn this block? I recommend the foundation piecing;)

2 kommenttia:

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

I will give this blog a try tonight... with fabrics from you! Don't be angry, I think in the quilt it will not show!
By the way, are you sewing spools? I have made one block 3 inch, I think I will go for that along! So many nice Dutch bloggers, but difficult to understand, as they don't have google translator.

Irma kirjoitti...

Kiitos vinkistä:)