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lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2009

Glorious News

This morning there was a more challenging sewing day ahead than Friday evening was...

I wrote yesterday something about glorious news... Well, let's open the Civil War Diary book and find page 96;)

So here I go... I cut about 4,5 cm stripes of these fabrics; blue: Judie Rothermel's Vicksburg, brown: Lecien's Quilter's Basics, cream: Quilt Gate's Mary Rose Coll.

After two and half hours (I'm definitely slow with paperpiecing) 65 pieces of fabric were sewed together. Now there was a most exciting moment ahead... How I'll manage to accurate the rest of the seams...

It was not a easy job... I need a little help of the ripper;) ... too.

In the end the block was ready to get a final touch... and I was in need of the cup of coffee.

Meanwhile I sipped coffee I learned more about Isabella's life in Tennessee during the Civil War.

March 28, 1864. Isabella Buchanan Edmondson wrote:

We have had glorious news today - Mo. McCulloch captured Germantown, & still moving forward. Forrest is having glorious victory in Kentucky...
... I made my white swiss skirt, played drafts with Mr. Pugh, he beat me badly - trimmed the Rose trees - have spent a very pleasant day - and am so happy tonight after the good news.
(quote from CWD book by Rosemary Youngs)

Block 40. Glorious News


Ps. Isabella's adventure will continue on next Monday with block 41;)

6 kommenttia:

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

You really are making progress on your CWD quilt! And this block sure looks fickly!! But it sure turned out wonderful in the end, and you can be proud of your achievement!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Hugs and stitches

Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Very nice, will I manage this one??? Well, we'll see... Thank you for the hint at the bottom:)

Joy kirjoitti...

That block turned out beautifully. I'm really enjoying following the progress on your CWD quilt :o).
Joy :o)

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

What an incredible block, Satu! And di you actually make it in 2,5 hours, with 65 peices. I don't think that is slow.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Well done. The block looks fantastic. You have inspired me to do more CWD blocks today. Penny (Aus)

Robin kirjoitti...

Oh, wow! Glorious News, indeed! The block is gorgeous. All your hard work definitely paid off.