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sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2008

Potholder and Blue Angel

My quilting week began as usual with my Dear Jane. On Monday evening I rushed to Anina's blog to see what will be our first block in this week. It was the center block - G7 Indianapolis and in the Thursday evening Anina showed to us how to do this F10 Potholder block. (Sorry, picture is slightly inaccurate. Fortunately, there is some terrible mistakes in the seams...;))

Some of the DJ blocks which I or we have done so far has been really troublesome. So my ripper has endured many hardships and now it looks like that. OOh... I hope my Angel will see this...

I bought the Dear Jane book few years ago and this spring I found a group (leading by Anina) which is making two blocks per week. The schedule is convenient for me, because it allows me to make something else beside DJ. Also I have noticed some blocks are so complicated that without Aninas tutorials I hardly haven't managed to sew them.

There was also the other blog on this Monday, which I had to visit. May Britt was our Stitchers' Angel designer in this week.

She designed for us a lovely sewing bag. When I saw it I have some trouble to choose a colour. Then I suddenly remembered: at 80's I was young studying girl and then I sometimes spent night together with my girlfriends in the restaurant where I usually drink a cocktail which name was a blue angel. That's it! I'm gonna sew this bag in blue... And then it's also a perfect gift pouch to my friend from a work. She just LOOOVES everything in blue. And smells the flowers everyday, she's the gardener, so as I.

As you see I have changed a little May Britt's original pattern; there is small snap fastener and handles. Maybe this might be my new party bag... just joking...

By the way my caddy is in this stage. I'm planning to sew it next week. But I'll have to go to work next weekend and it always mean less time to my hobbies. :(

HEY, I noticed that there really is visitors at my blog. It makes me exceedingly happy that I can share my quilttales with you!!!

Thank you... and extremely Happy week to you all!!!
PS. I want apologize to all my readers - my english is quite rusty and my abilities of blogging are poor at this moment, but I'm learning...

5 kommenttia:

Hanne kirjoitti...

I am one of your real visitors :-))
The angel bag is sooo cute!

Riches Stitches kirjoitti...

I found your blog through Cinderberry Stitches. I wanted to let you know that I love your version of May Britts Stitchers Angel Sewing Bag. The handles on it make it look really different. I think that I may have to make mine like that now.
Jane 8o)

Erika kirjoitti...

I do love your stitcheries and It is wonderful that we can communicate in this difficult but beautiful languaje English is also not my first languaje but I am sure you will improve through this blog. keep going.

Bloom kirjoitti...

Hello from Australia! I have come over to your blog from May Britt, & have really enjoyed looking at all your Stitchers' Angel projects & your Dear Jane. All lovely, lovely!

Gabi kirjoitti...

Your angel bag is soo cute! I like it very much. And the other stitcheries are also very nice! I was this summer in Finnland, it is sooo wonderful there! Porvoo, Kouvola and Helsinki are also very beautiful!
Greetings from Vienna,