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sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2008

Little birds sitting on their nests

All this summer these little birds have lived at my door. They have had there a nice little nest. This weekend I noticed that inside my house there has been several other nesting birds.

Here there are - lovely and quite tidy blue wrens and sparrows.

There is living many sparrow nearby us.

And usually they stay in shelter of hawthorns so as not sparrow-hawk or other hunters catch them.

But these little sparrows announced me today that they want to see the world. So - soon I'll let them go with some goodies along and say 'Hello' to my Stitchers Angel friend. I think there where they'll fly, is spring coming, so it's right time for them to start building a new sweet nest and enjoy a life. Hopefully my dear partner likes the pinkish tote (I'll show picture of it later.)

5 kommenttia:

Ulla kirjoitti...

Hei Satu, kiitos kommentista blogissani! Kaksi suomalaista kyllä, mutta minä asun Jokelassa. Tuo kotkarankki-nimi blogille tulee äitini vanhasta lankalaatikosta, jonka kannessa oli isoja lintuja, ja radion mystisestä "kotkarankki 8, sumua" -tiedotteesta. Kerroin siitä blogin ekassa jutussani tammikuussa, jos kiinnostaa. - Hieno kassi, ilmeisesti itsellesi, jos vaihtoon menee pinkki?

DAWNIE kirjoitti...

Hi Ulla,
just love your bag that you did of Cinderbery stitches for the Angel swap

May Britt kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comment in my mail. You came up with no reply so I have to answer you this way. You ought to check your profile and change it to showing your emailadress. Then it will be easier to answer you.

Kos deg med mønsteret mitt. Det var gøy å lage det til dere. Og nå gleder jeg meg til å se mange flotte syposer rundt omkring i verden.

SewAmy kirjoitti...

your bad looks beautiful. I am still working on the first project, but the bag might be my second. GREAT JOB.

Mistee kirjoitti...

Your blue wren bag looks fantastic, also your kitty scissor keep is beautiful.