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tiistai 25. helmikuuta 2014

Back to Normal...

(Fenix's lottery and the Olympics are both now the lived life)
... joten on aika palata normaaliin viikko rytmiin...

... which means - for example - the updating the BOWs!

 Today I update the Loyal Union Sampler blocks in the last four weeks.

We have had a pretty easy blocks... based on the shape of a square.
On D-6 block I did some fussy cuts... or I tried to...;o)

I'll update the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks as soon as I have sewn this week's block.

Besides the BOWs I have also sewn something else than blocks.
... but I can't show you them completely... yet...

I joined in my first mug rug swap with Quilting Gallery. The theme of the swap was Celebrate the Olympics. and my swap partner is Veronica from New Mexico, USA.
I posted the rugs and two mini Moomin mugs to her yesterday
... so when she'll receive them... then I'll enlarge the photo:o)
BY the way
there is a new SPRING themed mug rug swap coming in Quilting Gallery.

I have also continued to sew one work from the UFO pile... ;o)

I was so happy, when I heard that the next Schnibbles shall be something, which I could pick myself... one of the new patterns or one of the Vintage ones...

If I remember right, George was Le Petit  -project in July 2011... I found a few of my post about those times. In 2011 I sewed eight blocks... today I sewed the last two.

So maybe I'll have something to show on next Schnibbles parade ;O)

Purr-kroooH! I pur-hope that Satu won't use too much blue in George!
Let's see what happens! Purr!!!

2 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

I see you and Fenix are really working hard. Great looking projects.

Manuela kirjoitti...

Your Loyal Union Sqaure blocks are wonderful. I like your colours and fabrics.

Greetings, Manuela