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lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011

Week 42...

At first Mill Girl's news

There is now four block ready
and a small pile of hourglasses and the other pile of HSTs.
The goal for the week 43 is three blocks and more HGs and the rest of HSTs.
Original MG has twenty blocks, 
but I realised that I would be more pleased with 16 blocks...
then the quilt will be a square, which I might need now more than...

Then I finished the second OPAM in October

It's a crocheted Salomon's knot scarf. The 'knots' are bigger than usually.

The yarn is wool with mohair, so the scarf feels some rough. I'm considering to freeze it as Mai did with her itching scarf.

These small mug rugs are inspired by Maritta
She showed on her blog how to do nice little stars using two size of pentagons.


I finished applique for the mini-quilt...
one appliqued block for the

Some Kind of Wonderful (SKofW).

I'm happy you stopped a while...
so in the end

I wish you delicious Sunday!!!

5 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

I see you've been busy as usual. Those little mug rugs are perfect and your crocheted mohair scarf is very pretty. Having fun with your Stitch-a-longs too.

Kelli kirjoitti...

Beautiful projects.. you've accomplished alot! Love the mug rugs. :o)

Pat kirjoitti...

Do you have English directions for the pentagon mug rug? Its so pretty - I would love to make them. Thanks!

Robin kirjoitti...

It is such a treat to stop by your blog and see all that you are up to... so many wonderful projects! I'm loving all of the happy pastel colors I'm seeing in them too. You do such beautiful work! :)

Eija k kirjoitti...

ihania töitä täällä. tulen uudelleen paremmalla ajalla katsomaan