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sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011

Fixed Stars for May

As we all know TIME flies...
it's again time to remember the past month
and look hopefully ahead...

Because I want to keep this happy feeling as long as possible I tell you first
I had four OPAMs in April. Can you believe FOUR????
1. felted mugrug 2. shopping bag 3. crocheted scarf and 4. patchball
Oh, maybe some of you think they were small scale OPAMs,
but you know,
they ARE finished!
And that's the whole idea /point;))) Isn't it....

Ok, I'm starting a landing now... landing to the real world...
what really happened to the fixed Stars of April...
fasten your seat belt, please;)

1. Catch up the SBS and 1880's Sampler. - Catched up SBS blocks, but not the 1880's Sampler. I'm now 3 - THREE - blocks behind!!!! And I don't know, when I'll reach you, Cheryl:(((
2. Continue Tis the Season with two blocks. - DONE!
3. Finish the rosy bag. - NO PROGRESS! Journey with it has been very stony... but it will be one fixed Star in May! I won't give up;)
4. Sew 5 CWD blocks. - DONE!
5. Spare time for Shooting Stars - really DONE! All the OPAMs were Shooting Stars, not planned objects.

But April 2011 is already part of HISTORY ...
;) Are you ready for the boarding of the next flight?

1. Continue with TIS (2), SBS (4), CWD (2) and 1880's blocks (try to catch up)
2. Finish felted UFO's
3. Go crazy with yarns
4. Do colourful hexagon flowers
5. Be busy with Rosy bag

Is this plan reasonable... honourable... tempting...
That we will see within next month...

I hope
you enjoyed your visit

Joyful week!

3 kommenttia:

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

You have certainly reached many goals, Satu! Lovely project.
I'm not sure your goals for May are reasonable, as they are so many. But seeing how you work, I am quite sure you will make it. And, then there is of course Fenix who can help you ...
Enjoy your May journey. My seat belts are fastened for the next trip!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You have big plans for May. But you finished a lot in April,congratulations. I'm looking forward to see that rosy bag.

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Have fun working on your fixed start. I think you did well in April even if you didn´t achieve everything you planned.