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sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Decorating Home and Some Updates

WARNING! A lot of photos...
Hello Everyone
We are still here;)

We haven't been here for a while, because
we have been busy with our new curtains - in the living room, kitchen and bedroom.
Especially the ironing of them is so FUUUUUN - purr,purr!
Our next decoration project will be the renewing of the cushions.
But it's totally the other tale...

Here is the latest blocks of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.
I had to search more background fabric from my stash. Luckily I found this gorgeous rose print from Makover (blocks K-3 and A-3). The range is Rose Bouquet. Unfortunately I bought it only 1/4 yard and when I tried to buy it more, it was sold out:(

I should have updated Satu's Flower Garden, on Thursday. But somehow time flies SO quick and I have felt little tired in the evenings... But better now or never...

My dear Teddy Redcheck is introducing you my pile of hexagon flowers. There is now 25 pastel flowers... and more is blooming...

Fenix also wanted to show you some
flowers. I let him introduce the latest four with three frosty flakes.

But you see, he is so big that you can't see all the flowers...


I had to ask Fenix to leave and I took a new photo without him.
I'm so sorry, Fenix. I will photo you on the other time, I'll promise.

What else we have done...

A Gardener's Journal block C is still unsewn together.
Girls Day Out blocks 8&9 are really unstitched!!!
Butterfly Garden block 7 is almost done.
Only two miniblocks undone;)
My first Schnibble project 'Paganini' is... just in the beginning.

I'm feeling a bit of pressure, because all these blocks or project should be finished in this month!
IIK!!! What shall I do?
I must focus now.
So I decided...

- focus on GJ and BG
- not even try to finish GDO blocks
- try to sew as far as possible 'Paganini'

Why I decided this way,
it's because
Christmas is coming
I have a lot to do before it...
for example in the next week I'll cross-stitch this secret project.

Tiny stitches with only one strand of DMC.
I surely need a good lighting or spectacles.

Today we prepared the balcony for the winter.
It's looking a bit of naked...
maybe we must supply some conifers or atleast twigs of them.

Have a nice week!

PS. Don't worry, if you don't hear of us in the near future, we are probably working with the secret projects... Shh... helping Santa...

6 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You are going to help Santa, how go is that. You have been busy, don't worry about the GDO there are stiil 2 months left. And I haven't start quilting yet.

Chrissie kirjoitti...

Wowwwwwwwwww, what a lot of nice things you are making.
And you finished a lot too.
All are very lovely, hugs Chrissie

Hennie kirjoitti...

Hi, You help Santa? Don't forget us! You have made nice things!
Sorry, my english is not so good, but have a great day!
Greetings, Hennie

Cattinka kirjoitti...

Hello Satu,
Fenix is such a good help in ironing.... what would you do without him!
You have been very, very busy showing so many things today!
I know the feeling when you get overwhelmed by all the work you want to do.
Maybe you should slow down a bit and focusing on one thing at a time is a good idea.

Karen kirjoitti...

Busy, busy, busy! Lots of nice things!

Heleen kirjoitti...

I know how it feels! I also have dropt some projects en focus on just 2. Sometimes we can not make time fore everything en it is still a hobby, remember!! You have done a lot the rest will come a another time! Enjoy your weekend.