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keskiviikko 18. elokuuta 2010

Weeds in Satu's Flower Garden

... a sigh of relief ...

Luckily they are (only) first Frosty Flakes;)
You'll found Dawn's lovely patterns and instructions here.
Today she is posting block 3...
... and it's dazzling!!!

I'll add the stitchings and the beads later.

But now back to the Flower garden -
17 flowers is blooming there.

Do you still remember, when I considered the background fabric
and what sort of fabric would be the best.
I have now tried several colours and prints.
I think...
in the end I'm gonna lay my flowers like this:

The path of stones between the flowers is a good idea,
I think,
but something in it disturbs me - too much.
But if I find a PERFECT background fabric,
I'll then do those little diamond around them.
But my fingers are already itching to join some flowers,
although I don't know how many flowers there will be in the end...

I just wanna do them -
more and more...

See you again... in Satu's Flower Garden
after... four weeks

PS. You'll found the rest of the finished A Gardener's Journal block D here. It's my latest one. Sewed yesterday;)

14 kommenttia:

Dolores kirjoitti...

I have always admired The Gardener's Journal but I don't think you have any weeds in the garden.
If you are so inclined to sew all the flowers together, then go ahead. I think it would look stunning.

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

Wow, Satu, I am totally impressed by your flowers! So pretty, such lovely fabrics. Love it!
I am making the Frost Flake BOM too. So nice and fast to make.
Have a lovely week!

Marion B. kirjoitti...

Nice flowers, I'm thinking about the Frost Flake BOM too...... but time oh the time.

GRANNY'S HOUSE kirjoitti...

Ooooooo they all are so beautiful and I love your stitcherie, she has my behind ;-))

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Satu,

I came back from Finland 2 weeks ago . Can you believe that we had 30+ degrees all week long? We were staying near Tampere and have seen al lot of woods and lakes. Then we decided to spend some time in Helsinki a few more days. I like Helsinki a lot!!
Finnish life is so different from what I know of other countries. The distances are long and nature is everywhere. Are you living on the country-side?

Your flowers are so tender and sweet, you are using such fragile colours. ...I really love them!


Carrie P. kirjoitti...

Very pretty blocks and love the little stitchery.

Karen kirjoitti...

Thank goodness no weeds in your flower garden!! The stitchery is very cute. I think that was me working in my garden last night! I like when the flowers are placed side by side. Maybe this is the way to go, if you can't find the perfect fabric. Love the new Frost Flake BOM. I'm saving the patterns for now.

Saskia kirjoitti...

Lovely flowers, and I like your lay-out. The fabrics you use for the flowers are so pretty, there is no background fabric needed.

meijra kirjoitti...

Wat ontzettend leuk dat tuintje. Ik begrijp dat het een BOM is en dat er meer komt, ik kijk er naar uis.
gr. Meijra

Heleen kirjoitti...

What a nice Stitcherie and your flowers are adorable!

Hanne kirjoitti...

Lovely blocks - all of them :-)
What if you pick a soft white to set between those flowers ?

Anne Ida kirjoitti...

Hehe! What a perfect intro with the stitchery from A Gardener's Journal (another quilt I had plans to do... time, time... sigh!). Your flowers are so soft and pretty, you'll have a lovely quilt in the end - however you end up setting it. Btw. did you audition any whites for those little diamonds? It might work... the flowers would be more separated, but it would keep the soft look... just a thought...

Stina kirjoitti...

Lovely lovely work...:o)) And I think you are right about the layout... love it with just the flowers.. pretty and soft...O))

Christine kirjoitti...

Love your hexagon flowers ... Simplicity is one of my favourite ranges.