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torstai 17. joulukuuta 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa / Rakas Joulupukki,

I know it has been REALLY LOOOOONG time since I last wrote and left my letter to you on the bench of the porch. If I remember right it was very late 60's then. Oh, the time has really gone fast! And the world has also changed a lot... I'm not going to leave this letter anymore on the bench, but I'll post it as a modern style;) And I have heard that you have very busy helpers over the seas too... here on Fat Quarter Shop. So this time I have to write - atleast try to - in english.

You might have noticed that I have learned a lot about handicrafts over these past decades. So in this year my biggest wish / dream would be to get a fat quarter bundle... and exactly this one

from Fat Quarter Shop. If you, my dear Joulupukki, are wondering why... it's because I really need MORE PINK & BROWN fabrics to finish some of my UFO quilts and why not also starting some new;)))

I hope you don't have too cold there at Korvatunturi in the North-Finland. We have had this week quite cold weather here in southern coast.
Besides it...
Would you, please, send warm hugs and regards also to Rudolf (Petteri Punakuono)!
We are waiting for you to come...
and bring some light and happiness to our home.

With love / rakkain terveisin
Satu ja Fenix

2 kommenttia:

Wendy kirjoitti...

I sure Santa will be bringing you and Fenix everything you have wished for...believe and anything is possible at Christmas..hugs...

Simone de Klerk kirjoitti...

I hope your wish comes true, dear Satu!