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lauantai 16. toukokuuta 2009

Alvin McClure

CWD Block 10. Alvin McClure
Fabrics: yellow from Lecien, green from Windham Fabrics (N. Gere's Civil War VI) and white flower print on white (manufacturer is unknown to me;)
It's almost bedtime here in Finland and I must 'warn' you the note of the day is not a pleasant bedtime story...

May 16, 1863 Rachel Young King Anderson wrote in her diary

I have just witnessed one of the most heartrending scenes I have ever witnessed. In the fall of 1861 our neighbor, William McClure, went south with his stock, negro and sons. His youngest son, Alvin, came back to his mother. He was soon made prisoner. After working as prisoner on the fort at Springfield, he started to try to go to his father in Texas. He started in December. News came back that he had been caught and killed as a spy which was proven by his having plots of the forts in and around Springfield. His mother knew this to be false and did not believe he had been taken but this spring she heard more particularly that he had been killed and not buried, that his body was rotting in the sun some 35 miles from Springfield. She took a wagon, charcoal and coffin and went to the place and sure enough there laid the decayed remains of her dear Alvin, her baby boy, the youngest and darling of the family. the flesh was all off his face and ribs. She knew the remnants of his clothes, the buttons, cloth and binding and his boots and says she knew his hands which were whole. She rolled him on a blanket and brought him home. She kept his remains some four days before burying them. We all visited the distressed mother and sisters. Oh what sorrow they feel God only knows. He was 19 years, handsome and quite intelligent. (quote from R. Young's Civil War Diary Quilt book)

Very sorrowful story...
I'll promise next time there is more cheerful and shorter tale with CWD block.

Sleep well! or Good Day!

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Lappetausa kirjoitti...

Wonderful block! I've just published 20 more Dear Janes, and tomorrow is Constitution Day, so I guess I won't make it on 18th, but we'll see. Now I watch Eurosong while blogging...
Have a nice weekend!