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torstai 4. joulukuuta 2008

"Santa's" Little Helpers Exhausted - both

After two quite hectic sewing day it seems that also my wellserved Bernina is as exhausted as my Bunny... It works (=walks) like a snail! Especially the long seams are quite tough to sew...

And today I was going to sew my Angel's Story blocks together... GRRR... I'm not happy, now!

Besides this there will be a weekend, when we will celebrate our country's Independence on Saturday. So no help is available until next week...

Maybe I'll visit my Mother tomorrow and borrow her Husky... Mother will always rescue me... I'm SO HAPPY that she is my true Sweet ANGEL... always! And luckily the seam of the patchworks are rarely toooo looooooong;)))))

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Stina kirjoitti...

Oh no... so sorry... I hope it will be fixed very soon... and good luck with the Angels!! Looking so good...:o)